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Our next meeting is June 9th

Look for the training topic to be announced on SONARES.


WHERE: Red Rock Search & Rescue, 340 Villa Monterey Dr., Las Vegas (east side of Ansan Sister City Park, North of Alta Dr). Talk-In freq will be 449.500, pl 146.2, on Angel Peak, thanks to the Las Vegas Repeater
Assn. (HXO). We will be operating indoors w/air conditioning & restrooms. If you want to spend the night, there is room to sleep, but lights will be on & it will be noisy.

WHEN: Set-up begins at 7am on Saturday, June 23 (help will be needed & welcome); Operating starts at 11:00 am & runs continuously until 11am, Sunday, June 24.

WHO: First & foremost, everyone is invited to participate, help, etc.!!! You do not need to be an ARES/RACES member to participate. We need operators and loggers!

WHAT: The user-friendly N3FJP Logging software will be used; we have several pc's available. The plan is to operate as a 4A group (4 radios, operating on auxiliary power full time); however, we have confirmed only 3 HF
transceivers-so if you can bring/dedicate an HF transceiver that would be appreciated. Also, we would like to have a dedicated HF transceiver for a Get On The Air (GOTA) station (a GOTA vhf radio is already dedicated. For those who cannot or will not attend or participate, please monitor 146.58 to make a contact with the GOTA station. Note: if you participate in any way on the Field Day site, the Rules make prior or subsequent contacts with the our event null and void.

If you prefer to use your own HF transceiver at the site, please feel free to bring it! Digital contacts are allowed. We have 2 IC-7200 xcvrs which have built-in Type-B USB ports. Headsets, earphones, etc. are recommended,
as well, as are seat cushions and small fans.

MISC: We will not be able to provide or purchase any food for everyone - so bring your favorite Field Day food. If you prefer non-alcohol beverages other than water, bring what you like. We hope to have a limited supply of bottled water, so if can donate 6-pack or carton of bottled water, it would be much appreciated. There might be a light breakfast available on Sunday morning. Donated bagels, pastries & other breakfast snacks will be appreciated, too. Maybe we can have someone make a coffee run???

NEEDS: Participants! Attendees! Guests! Visitors! Media! And most important, we need help setting up Saturday morning and teardown on Sunday.

Finally, I encourage all ARES/RACES members who have ARES vests, shirts, hats and/or ID cards/badges to wear them. I have invited emergency managers and a representative from the Red Cross - let's "show the flag" so to speak. It is possible that media representatives might come by, too.

If you have any questions, or if you can provide an hf transceiver and/or help with setup and/or tear-down, please let me know by emailing me at

Feel free to share this information if you can.


Billy Smith, Jr., W7HMV
Emergency Coordinator
Clark County ARESR/RACES


Clark County ARES/RACES is a team of Amateur Radio Operators, licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), who have voluntarily agreed to utilize their skills and sometimes use their own equipment for public service communications support to both government and non-government entities. FCC regulations prohibit Amateur Radio Operators from receiving compensation of any kind for providing public service communications. Clark County ARES/RACES is not a club, but rather a team dedicated to serve the public. There are no dues. We hold monthly training sessions.

Our primary mission is to furnish communications support in the event of disaster or an event that warrants such support, when our served agencies’ normal communications fail or become overloaded. Our served agencies include the Emergency Management offices of Clark County and the Cities of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, the Southern Nevada Health District, the Las Vegas Chapter of the American Red Cross and 17 hospitals in Clark County.

When Clark County ARES/RACES is activated for an actual incident, event or exercise, we use K7CCN as our call sign.

Interested in joining?  To become a member of Clark County ARES/RACES, you must possess a valid FCC-issued Amateur Radio License and possess a serious interest in providing emergency communications.  A “serious interest” is manifested by regular participation in our training activities, in drills/exercises, completion of a basic Amateur Radio emergency communications course, and completion of four (4) free, online FEMA courses about the Incident Command System (ICS), which has been adopted by all our served government agencies. Completion of the four FEMA courses is also a requirement to be able to access some emergency management facilities in Clark County, and in one instance, a background check is also a requirement for access. 

To obtain more information about our unit or how to join Clark County ARES/RACES, email Bill Smith, W7HMV,

To learn the difference between ARES and RACES, click here:


State of Nevada Division of Emergency Management
Clark County Emergency Management
City of Las Vegas Emergency Management
City of North Las Vegas Emergency Management
City of Henderson Emergency Management
City of Boulder City Emergency Management
National Weather Service - Las Vegas Office
Southern Nevada American Red Cross
Southern Nevada Health District (including 17 hospitals)

Other Clark County Nevada Amateur Radio Nets of Interest

Tue - Las Vegas Radio Amateur Club: 1900L on 146.940 (-) 100.0 and 448.500 (-) 100
Thur - Nellis Radio Amateur Club: 1900L on 147.06 (+) 100.0 and 449.975 (-) 203.5
Thur - Nevada Section ARES VOIP Net: 1900L on 446.700 (-) 118.8 and IRLP 9258 & Echolink *NV-GATE*
Sat - Nevada Section ARES HF Net: 0700L 3.965
Sun - ARRL Southwest Division Net: 0800L 3.965
Sun - Nevada Section HF Traffic Net: 1815L Pacific on 3.945

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