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Our next meeting is July 13th, 2019 at 9:00am
Clark County Government Center - Training Room 3
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Message practice is LIVE on the Monday night net.
Be prepared and print out the ARRL Radiogram from the FORMS Tab of this page and copy the message.  The practice message that was transmitted is located under the TRAINING Tab above.  Check what you copied with what was sent.  Questions about the message traffic are always welcome during the net.


Clark County ARES/RACES is a team of Amateur Radio Operators, licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), who have voluntarily agreed to utilize their skills and sometimes use their own equipment for public service communications support to both government and non-government entities. FCC regulations prohibit Amateur Radio Operators from receiving compensation of any kind for providing public service communications. Clark County ARES/RACES is not a club, but rather a team dedicated to serve the public. There are no dues. We hold monthly training sessions.

Our primary mission is to augment and support vital communications on behalf of the public through partner agencies during emergencies and disasters.  Especially when normal communications fail or become overloaded. Our partner agencies include the Emergency Management offices of Clark County and the Cities of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, the Southern Nevada Health District, the Las Vegas Chapter of the American Red Cross and 17 hospitals in Clark County.

When Clark County ARES/RACES is activated for an actual incident, event or exercise, we use K7CCN as our call sign.

Interested in joining?  To become a member of Clark County ARES/RACES, you must possess a valid FCC-issued Amateur Radio License and possess a serious interest in providing emergency communications.  A “serious interest” is manifested by regular participation in our training activities, in drills/exercises, completion of a basic Amateur Radio emergency communications course, and completion of four (4) free, online FEMA courses about the Incident Command System (ICS), which has been adopted by all our served government agencies. Completion of the four FEMA courses is also a requirement to be able to access some emergency management facilities in Clark County, and in one instance, a background check is also a requirement for access. 

To obtain more information about our unit or how to join Clark County ARES/RACES, email the Clark County Emergency Coordinator, Jimmy Gollohan, AA4Z.  Contact information is located on the Contact Us page

To learn the difference between ARES and RACES, click here:


State of Nevada Division of Emergency Management
Clark County Emergency Management
City of Las Vegas Emergency Management
City of North Las Vegas Emergency Management
City of Henderson Emergency Management
City of Boulder City Emergency Management
National Weather Service - Las Vegas Office
Southern Nevada American Red Cross
Southern Nevada Health District (including 17 hospitals)


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