The central focus of ARES/RACES training is to train Amateur Radio volunteers to provide accurate and reliable emergency communications, thereby enabling our served agencies to provide emergency response and speeding recovery efforts.

The ARRL has recently adopted an ARES Strategic Plan,, that sets out the Qualifications for Membership in ARES (page 5 of the plan).  Three levels of training will allow ARES participants to enter the program and migrate to higher levels of service.  Each course you complete not only better enables you to do our emergency communications job, but also helps you understand how we fit in to the Incident Command System.

Training is expected to be phased in over time and at some poibt in the near future will be required for all ARES participants.  Under the new plan, to be an ARES member, you must have successfully completed the following Level 2 online courses:
    1) EC-001, ARRL Introduction to Emergency Communications
IS-100, Incident Command System IS-100, Introduction to Incident Command System
IS-200, ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
IS-700, National Incident Management System (NIMS) An Introduction
IS-800, National Response Framework, An Introduction

As you complete each course, send the completion certificate to the Clark County Nevada Emergency Coordinator (EC) Jimmy Gollohan, AA4Z.  For contact information, see the Contact Us Tab of this web site.

There are additional levels of training to prepare ARES participants to take on leadership positions.  Details are included in the ARES Strategic Plan.

Southern Nevada ICS & EOC Training

Here is the 2019 ICS and EOC training schedule, brought to you by: Clark County Emergency Management, Henderson Emergency Management, Las Vegas Emergency Management, North Las Vegas Emergency Management, and Mesquite Emergency Management.   

These courses will give you the basic ICS principles and get you up to speed on the Southern Nevada Standardization Plan and EOC Position Task Books.  Take advantage of this robust training plan in your area!  Click Here for the 2019 ICS Training Announcement.


You may be also interested in the Nevada Community Emergency Response Team training course schedule.  It occasionally includes ICS on-site classroom training - check back often as the schedule changes often.


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